(5 Stars )
Reviewed 10 Apr 2018
(5 Stars)

Everest Base Camp Trek

Simply amazing. It’s taken a while to put my review on here but the other day I was sorting through the photos from the trip and I realised I needed to write.

This company we’re just fantastic to deal with, from early email queries to the worried daft questions of some of us before we set out on the trek,which I’m sure they have heard a thousand times before. All the team in the office were attentive and nothing was an issue.

We were a group of 12 some couples, friends and a couple of solos including me. I don’t think I could have picked better people to spend 2 intense weeks at close proximity. They were all fab, great company and people I want to keep in touch with. There’s even early talk of a reunion style expedition to Island Peak.

The trek itself is so well organised, we were first out of Kathmandu on the early morning flight to Lukla, organised, sorted, rushed through the airport and next thing we know descending into the craziest airport in the world. We were blessed with amazing weather for the whole trek so getting up, even in the coldest teahouses high up was a joy because it meant a quick breakfast while the sun rose up and then several hours of walking in the stunning sunshine and scenery.

The tea houses were all great, we had one hiccup with the one in Tengeboche deciding to give away our rooms for no good reason. Everyone was disappointed but I’m sure the company let them know that’s no way to do business!

This was one example wher things could’ve put a real downer on the trek but for one person - Narayana. He is a legend and a fantastic man, guide, waiter, nurse, motivator, organiser. He and Gobi - our second guide/porter were just exceptional. Knowledgeable about every aspect of the trek, the mountains, local culture, all the rules of the mountains. They would guide and pace us expertly, they would get us to meal stops on time and then as if flicking a switch become our waiters for the next hour, always ensuring we were happy, fed and had water bottles topped up ready to go again.

On an evening Narayana would check our blood sats and pulse and doubtless monitored us all from afar throughout the day to make sure we were all healthy and happy.

Narayana spoke great English and had a great sense of humour and is just a fantastic guy who, getting to know him, makes huge sacrifices being away from his family for weeks on end to make sure people like me have an amazing experience and I am so grateful to him for that.

For anyone thinking about it. Do it. You will love it, even when it gets tough mentally and physically tiring. It is definitely an experience you will never forget made all the better by the people you will meet and those who work so hard to make your trip so memorable.

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