Step 1:
If you are applying for visa-on-arrival, use one of the kiosk-machines to scan your passport, enter travel information and take a photo via the webcam. The machine will print a receipt. Go to pay for your visa at the payment counter with your receipt. After that you can proceed to clear immigration. More on visa requirement here.
Step 2:
After you stepped out of the airport. Our staffs will be waiting outside for your arrival. Keep a lookout, it will be a crowd outside during peak season.
Step 3:
We will drive you to check-in at your hotel. If you require a data SIM card or money exchange, let us know, we will show you to the shops that provide good rates. In a few days you will be away from the hustle & bustle of busy Kathmandu.
Step 4:
Depending on the timing of your arrival, we will head over to our office the next day or after you have settle down in your hotel. In the office, you will meet your guide and we will give you a briefing of your trek. We will also settle the paper works for your travel insurance and the balance of the payment.
Step 5:
After the briefing, if you realise you have failed to prepare or missing any gears, you can start shopping in the streets of Thamel. You can find trekking equipments of all sorts here.
Step 6:
After everything is in order, we will set off early the next day to the mountains!