Step 1:
Select your trip and click on "BOOK NOW" button. If you want to customise your trip, you can select a similar activity and state your special request as shown in the next step.
Step 2:
Make sure you have logged in to your account. Click here for instructions to sign up a new account.
Enter the number of person, trip date and additional info / special request where you can add info for customisation of your trip. For group with more than 10 person, please state in the additional info (you are eligible for bulk discount). Click "Book" to continue.
Step 3:
Upon successful submission, our staff will typically response within 1-2 business day. Do note that your booking is not confirmed yet at this stage. You can view your trip details in by clicking "View detail".
Step 4:
In the booking detail page, you can see the status of your booking. You have the option to cancel the booking by clicking "Cancel Booking Request" in this page.
Booking Status:
Pending - We are in the process of reviewing your booking and will contact you soon.
Liaising - Our staffs are currently working with you to confirm your booking.
Awaiting Deposit - Please make your deposit payment to confirm your booking.
Confirmed - Your booking is confirmed.
Balance Recieved - We have recieved the balance for full payment.
Completed - Your trip is completed.
Others - Others.
Cancelled - Trip has been cancelled.