Basic Nepalese Phrases for Travellers

Posted on October 9, 2017 by Sunil

Basic Nepalese Phrases for Travellers

Nepal is, without a doubt, a fascinating destination. The presence of the Himalayan Mountains and her many diverse cultures make Nepal an amazing country to visit. Although Nepal speaks a whopping 92 different languages, Nepali is the official language and is widely spoken. It is a beautiful sounding language, with its soft, polite and lilting tones.

If you are visiting Nepal, learning even just a few basic Nepali words can make your travels more enjoyable. It would help the locals warm up to you, and you can gain more insight into their culture.

The Nepali language is not too difficult to learn, and the words are simple to pronounce. We have compiled here a few Nepali words, which can come in handy during your trip. Don’t worry about sounding weird or mispronouncing words, it’s all part of the experience!

Hello - Namaste

Thank you - Dhanyavad

Good Morning - Shubha Prabhat

How are you? - Sanchai Hununchha?

What is your name? - Tapai ko naam ke ho?

How much is this? - Es ko kati paisa parchha?

How much is the fare? - Bhada kati parchha?

Money - Paisa

Water - Pani

Give me a bottle of water - Ek bottle pani dinus

Meal - Khana

Tasty, delicious - Mitho

Nepali food is delicious - Nepali khana ekdam mitho chha

Have you eaten? - Khana Khanu Bho?

I don’t need it - Malai chaidaina

What’s the time? - Kati bajyo?

Where do you come from? - Kaha bata aaunu bhaeko?

Himalayan mountain - Himal

Hill - Pahad

Beautiful - Ramro

It’s very beautiful - Dherai ramro chha

I like Nepal - Malai Nepal man parchha

I like Nepalese people - Malai Nepali haru ramro lagchha

These are some basic Nepali phrases that you can learn and use to communicate with Nepalese people. It is definitely not a must to learn the language in order to travel to Nepal; English is spoken by many Nepalese, especially in the cities. But it is fun to try out some of these phrases and sentences with the locals you meet. So, be adventurous and try out some Nepali words during your Himalayan adventure, and see how magical it is when you create a connection through speaking their language. Have a blast!

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