First Himalayan


We want to inspire each one of us to make the best out of our lives, to travel wide and explore more without worry, to have adventures and build deep bonds with our loved ones.


At FIRST HIMALAYAN, we specialize in adventure travelling as we believe in seeking out experiences that adds meaning to our lives.

Explore an exotic city and immerse yourself in a totally different culture, or go for on an epic trek up a majestic mountain in Nepal; journeys like these are often deeply enriching and unforgettable. We want your travels to become memories that will last for a long time.


We are also not just your run-of-the-mill government registered Nepal agency who only brings you on great expeditions. FIRST HIMALAYAN is a platform where you can join us to become our travel partners and come on the online business wagon. This is our heartbeat, to empower people to take the lead and bring more people to travel the Himalayas together.

Through FIRST HIMALAYAN, you can easily and effectively organise adventure holidays with or for your friends, and fund your lifestyle at the same time. Find out more from our Members page!


First Himalayan practices sustainable and responsible eco-tourism. We care for our environment, our employees, the local people, and travel partners we work with. We are committed to support our team and help them achieve their goals.


All our packages are delivered by Himalayan Scenery Treks & Expeditions (P.) Ltd, a government registered travel and trek operator in Nepal. We are proud to have a team behind us whom are experienced and qualified to bring groups on expeditions to the Himalayan regions. Get in touch with us and we are happy to share what we have to offer.

FIRST HIMALAYAN is more than a travel agency. It is a platform specially designed to reward you while you do what you love - travelling.

Adventurer Class

Limited to 20 partners only! This is a special Class created to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. Partner with us to begin an online travel business with a full suite of support from us. Start to earn attractive remuneration right away.

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Explorer Class

Begin with $0! We will support you with our expertise to enable you to achieve your goals. Your incentives will grow the more you travel with us.

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Traveller Class

For those who want to join us purely for travelling, we welcome you to board the Traveller Class and enjoy other forms of rewards.

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